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im interested in becoming an athlete/ambassador, what would ya need from me?

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Where can I find any workouts y'all have available?


not much, but more being filmed this week! 

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whats your training split?

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at the moment i am running ‘double days’ so heavy compounds in the morning, followed by higher rep isolations at night. Usually looks something like… 

Rest - abs/cardio
Rest - abs/cardio

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chest and shoulders but for girls pleease

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aww, we are training these tonight! will grab the camera next time xx

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UKBFF British Grand Prix - July 2014


approx 62-3kg, 6-8 weeks diet from 65kg

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I would love to see an at home workout to lose weight and to tone muscle

added to the list ;) 

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any chance of getting more workouts from you guys?

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what would like to see more of in particular? 

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you really have some of the most motivating content on here.. wish you posted more!

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thanks! you and me both!
iv’e been saying this for a while for but we really are gearing up to focus more on this blog and open our shop. Keep your eyes peeled brother

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what is a short term goal you have and what is a long term goal?

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Short term, breakfast.
Long term, the world. 

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